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   We have a full service machine shop to help you with your needs big or small. We look forward to helping make that much needed progress on you project or that repair to get you back on the road. 





98 Woodman Hill Road
Minot, ME, 04258
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Deep Six Cycles is a small grass roots chopper shop specializing in the manufacture and modification of motorcycles and motorcycle parts. All of our products are made right here in the U.S.A.


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What have we been up to? Well lets have a look!

Deep Six Cycles

  I have been working on a new line of Rabbit Ear or "Pull Back" bars. They have a turned piece of brass pressed over the cross bar on them. These bars are reasonably priced at $115 plus shipping. Get them powder coated black while leaving the brass as it and watch every ones mind blow! We can also do variations on this design including making them from Stainless Tubing. They look great with our Brass Grips, Pegs and other accessories. Check out our Web Store- Click here to see our Store! Or email us for more info- I still have a ton of ideas I need to put into production so keep checking back to see the latest!

Today we happened to get some large hunks of brass in! So naturally we machined some into a super duty groovy gas cap cover!  We will have them available in the web store affixed to gas caps as a turn key custom solution with in the next few weeks. If you would like to pre-order one or would like to request a quote on having an item custom machined for you please send us an email!