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   We have a full service machine shop to help you with your needs big or small. We look forward to helping make that much needed progress on you project or that repair to get you back on the road. 





98 Woodman Hill Road
Minot, ME, 04258
United States


Deep Six Cycles is a small grass roots chopper shop specializing in the manufacture and modification of motorcycles and motorcycle parts. All of our products are made right here in the U.S.A.


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"Ride to wreck your liver!" (A.K.A. Ballin B.D.A.C. Style!)

Deep Six Cycles

I stole this from the B.D.A.C. blog check out their blog and be there!

No big rides are happening this fall...there seems to be no RFL this year, everyone seems to be getting closer knit within their groups instead of hanging out with others and everyone seems to be over this whole blog adventure thing.

I say to Hell with it...let's ride. I'm working on a tentative date for the weekend of September 23-25 to do a riding bands will be hired, no Knuckleheads will be given away, but there is plenty of beer to be guzzled and plenty of good roads to ride.

Every year from around the end of September to the beginning of November a town in North Georgia named Helen throws a big Oktoberfest. This whole town is set dead square in the mountains, on a river and has an Alpine village theme. There are bars galore, plenty of weinerschnitzel, spaetzle and knockwurst to make you sick for a few days and it's close enough that the local critters make their way out of the surrounding areas to offer good entertainment. So what say we make a Ride to The River to Wreck Your Liver and enjoy the scenery of the Georgia mountains, the German beer of Oktoberfest and hopefully some non-scag women dressed in beer maid outfits?

 The B.D.A.C. Blog!