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   We have a full service machine shop to help you with your needs big or small. We look forward to helping make that much needed progress on you project or that repair to get you back on the road. 





98 Woodman Hill Road
Minot, ME, 04258
United States


Deep Six Cycles is a small grass roots chopper shop specializing in the manufacture and modification of motorcycles and motorcycle parts. All of our products are made right here in the U.S.A.


Old friends and old iron in the sticks!

Deep Six Cycles

We wound up at a bbq at an old friends this weekend. When we went for a walk in the woods and we stumbled across some of this nearly forgotten stuff here! I can't seem to shake this mountain buggy from my mind!

My Uncle used to tell me about how he and his buddies cut down VW Bugs and modified them into buggys that would fit into the back of a pickup truck. This is one of the only examples I have actually ever seen. Though it seems to be "Thing" based and many states away from where he and his friends constructed theirs.

I think I am intrigued by this machine as much or more than my 2yr old son sitting in the cockpit. This simple creation speaks to me in a similar way as our choppers do. Its stripped down, and not very complicated but will excel in it's intended purpose. Similar to an old hot rod or real chopper. I think that is part of the appeal for me.

 A poor old Chevy

 I really really liked this old Dodge. It had a slant six in it with motor oil that appeared to be fairly fresh when it was parked! I really like this body style...

Yeah thats a 10' bed!

"Race Fans"

I need to find some one to trade parts for an old mini bike project for my son. He spent a lot of our time out there sitting on this mini bike.

You may have seen this little single cylinder Ducati around town. This thing has a ton of class. What a pretty motor!