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   We have a full service machine shop to help you with your needs big or small. We look forward to helping make that much needed progress on you project or that repair to get you back on the road. 





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Deep Six Cycles is a small grass roots chopper shop specializing in the manufacture and modification of motorcycles and motorcycle parts. All of our products are made right here in the U.S.A.


Wheels Through Time Museum

Deep Six Cycles

   It is no secret that Wheels Through Time is one of my top favorite places to visit. We are very lucky to live so close. I am always over whelmed by the large amount of mechanical history to take in. And while we visit I am usually unsuccessfully trying to memorize little details that separate different years and models. Or just how this lever or frame section, front end is constructed. I could spend 8hrs there and still not feel like I have taken enough in or spent enough time with out rushing through it.

  Now let me say being there with my 20 month old son who is completely into bikes and cars (especially old or custom ones, some how he knows they are better...) made it an even crazier experience. Here are just a few pictures of the few bikes I shot. I don't know why I didn't think to shoot any of the Peirce Arrows, Crocker's,  Harley JD hill climb bikes or countless other bikes I really drool over. Oh right it was pretty crazy with the little guy. Liz barley got to take in any thing since she spent most of her time wrangling the boy so I could see some things, and have some time to catch up with Matt. I really have to thank her for that. We all had a great time and I can't wait for a proper visit on two wheels this summer!

   If you have any excuse to be in the area I highly suggest you make a stop here and check out the museum. Usually they are firing off bikes and riding them down the isle. The tours are really hands on and informative. If a bike looks like it runs then it most likely does. These bikes are not just for show some still get entered in vintage races and when they are restored they are made to run and operate too. Make note of the black marks from doing burn outs and brake skids on vintage rubber while you are walking past the chopper grave yard!

We have taken a picture with this hill climber every time we have come with Wayland. This is the second one. Sadly it didn't come out great.

 Snack time by the creek.

 Here is a Ironhead based XR that was done up for Evil Knievel!

 A bit of history...

Matt happens to be an invited builder for the Born Free show. This is the Indian he is building for the show. This thing is going to own so hard! I can't wait to see it done!

 These guys are awesome. I'm glad they seemed to get along well!

What a great family outing!