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   We have a full service machine shop to help you with your needs big or small. We look forward to helping make that much needed progress on you project or that repair to get you back on the road. 





98 Woodman Hill Road
Minot, ME, 04258
United States


Deep Six Cycles is a small grass roots chopper shop specializing in the manufacture and modification of motorcycles and motorcycle parts. All of our products are made right here in the U.S.A.


Peers or Competitors? (Aka A Shout out to my Friends in the Industry and those I have yet to meet!)

Deep Six Cycles

  Lookie here!!! I don't really care if you don't buy my parts or have me do your fab work and machining. How ever there are so many kick ass small guys/companies out there doing some of the most phenomenal work you have seen. When you support them you support the American Chopper/Custom fabricator directly. Thus supporting true custom culture and that is what its all about. If every bike is built with the same parts, style, mods, what damn fun would any of it be?
   These small guys thinking outside the box and coming up with new twists keep diversity in the scene. Which is where it all came from in the first place. We wouldn't have z bars, rabbit ears, crazy cut up molded gas tanks and fenders, narrow ass long front ends, or (gasp) ape hangers. This list clearly goes on and on and on. If it weren't for some crazy ass shut up in a garage or basement (or where the hell ever) thinking outside the box and taking a chance we wouldn't have all these classic custom parts.
  The point is there are a quite a few cats making handle bars, and working with brass and stainless to make parts and accents for your bike. I have met or at least corresponded with many of them. They have great products and many of them are incredibly talented craftsmen. And down to earth. I remain to be blown away by how awesome some of these people are even though some might consider us competitors.
  At the end of the day I would rather have peers and friends than competitors. Don't get me wrong we all take pride in our work and when we sell that work it puts food on the table and keeps the lights on both in the shop and at home.  So put down the big box store catalog with all the parts made over seas that every one else has and support the folks that are keeping it going right here at home!

Sloppily written with passion and not edited at all by yours truly Tom Bowie from Deep Six Cycles!!!  < end rant >