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Deep Six Cycles is a small grass roots chopper shop specializing in the manufacture and modification of motorcycles and motorcycle parts. All of our products are made right here in the U.S.A.


A week end frame build - (AKA) A Deep Six Cycles / Hugh's HandBuilt Collaboration

Deep Six Cycles

I had a pile of parts and a pretty good idea for a frame. So I talked my buddy Hugh from Hughs Hand Built into hanging out with my raggedy ass and helping me bring it to life. What followed was a long weekend of chopping, drankin' beer, watching hippies dance in the woods, and finding sustenance from the closest source, the gas station...   This is a series of shots to show the KZ650 frame we built from scratch in the late hours of a long weekend...

The only part of the old frame to remain was the neck.

I had a 16" Harley Wheel kickin around so Hugh Drew me up some axle plates for a 3/4 axle and we had em laser cut ahead of time.

We set up some random dimensions, drank beer, eyeballed it some more, and changed everything around until we were happy...  Then we built a quick engine cradle jig to locate the motor mounts...

Once we got the dimensions nailed down for sure we bent up some tube, I tacked em in, and it was game on!

  Right from the beginning I had envisioned parallel down tubes with a fair amount of stretch. Besides looking cool as the day is long it would make dealing with the exhaust a breeze! The left side of the frame had to be wider than the right, so we took the time to make it all just right. 

We laid out some more tube and I tacked it in. We were on track and there was no derailing us now!

Here I am beat as hell and stoked! All in all the initial set up took about as long as it did to put the frame together...

Here she is all tacked up! I still really dig this frame and it should be a fun build!

We had a hell of a week end! I can't wait to spend another week end of long nights, cheap beer, good music with a good friend working like a manic depressive on an up swing to appease the chopper gods! It was a true thrash session with sparks flyin at both ends of the shop most of the time! This is what its all about!